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In the first scream, what was stus motive for the killings. Are you able to keep up with your movie trivia knowledge. Play 90s movies quizzes on sporcle, the worlds largest quiz community. The song was removed from the movie because it did not fit the films fatherandson theme. Between titanics 1997 release and the rise of jurassic park, the decade spawned both bighitting films and entire series. Aug 24, 2017 free trivia quiz questions and answers for fun or for pub quizzes. Movie quiz questions and answers from the 90s about movie stars, actors, cinema that are free and printable. The ultimate 90s disney kid trivia quiz oh my disney.

We watched 90s disney movies on repeat so many times growing up that its hard not to compare them to our lives. Movies of the 2000s were romantic, racy and unforgettable. Jimmy dugan tom hanks in a league of their own the 1992 comedydrama film starred geena davis, tom hanks, lori petty, and madonna. Mutliplechoice questions, movie clips, soundtrack music, oscars triivia and more. Only 1 in 50 people can name every single one of these. Can you pass the hardest 90s disney movie trivia quiz. Aug 16, 2019 can you pick the second character who appeared in the same movie from the 1990s as the one shown on top. Test your knowledge on this movies quiz to see how you do and compare your score to others. Tell us a little about yourself by taking this quiz, and well let you know which 90s disney movie is basically your life story.

See how much you really know about this pivotal decade with cnn s 90s quiz. From ghost and goodfellas in 1990 right through to the matrix and magnolia in 1999, it was an electric ten years in cinema. During the decade, there were uncomfortably slow car chases, weirdlooking wide leg jeans, and even dancing baby cgi simulations. In fact, we realized that life isnt so different from these stories. Uk and are written for your enjoyment and entertainment. Free fun printable trivia questions and answers for all ages including seniors and kids. Who wore a skimpy union jack dress at the 1997 brit awards. Jul 05, 2017 its been nearly 20 years since we said goodbye to the 1990s, but the era is still hella popular.

If five movies released a year, this quiz would be a piece of cake. Anyone who gets 100% on this movie trivia quiz is actually a. Unbelievable true story behind daring prison break movie escape from pretoria as daniel radcliffe plays south african inmate. However, this only makes it tougher to keep track and know your stuff. Do you think you can get at least a 510 on this random 90s movie trivia quiz. Which 90s disney movie is basically your life story. Movie quiz questions and answers from the 90s about movie stars. The 90s gave us many of films that are considered the greatest of all time.

Movie quiz questions and answers from the 90s about movie. The 90s were a glorious time in the happiest place on earth. How much do you remember from one of our favorite decades. Take our quiz to see how much you remember about the period that many call the golden age of disney. A time when michael jordan, playstation, and mariah carey reigned supreme. Welcome to our 1990s quiz page 1990s quiz questions ii. Its been nearly 20 years since we said goodbye to the 1990s, but the era is still hella popular. Episode vii the force awakens 2015 is the most successful movie of the decade thus far. Kids in the 90s didnt have smartphones, instagram or snapchat but they did have nickelodeon, game boys and pogs. Apr 11, 2015 test your knowledge of 90s popular cinema. Between the years 2000 and 2016, movie released nearly doubled. Which actor does not portray a criminal in the movie heat. Youll learn more about casting, production teams, plots, musical scores, and random facts in these 2010s movies trivia questions and answers.

Can you get over 3540 in this ultimate 90s movie quiz. Put your knowledge to the test with this 90s trivia that covers everything from current events to cartoons. For example jaws, forrest gump, pulp fiction, fargo, and many more. Sep 03, 2014 can you guess these 90s films from their taglines. But how much about this time period do you actually remember. What was the name of pierce brosnans first james bond film in 1995. There is a little bit of everything here, so itll take a true movie whiz to do well. Fun free miscellaneous 90s trivia questions and answers.

Here are 90s movie trivia questions that are provided for your quiz or trivia night at no cost. Can you pick the correct movies when looking at these famous 1990s quotes. Printable free fun miscellaneous random trivia quiz questions from the 90s about things like music, cinema, stars, and more. The 90s were a very exciting year for the film industry, this quiz will ask you to identify some of the greatest films of the decade by just one image. Trivia questions are a really good source to check someones interest in a particular thing and even a test for you as well that how much you are into anything. The movie was an international success and became the highest grossing film of 1998 worldwide. For this quiz, we want to see which movie fans can remember all these nineties classics. With seven hundred, it would take an absolute genius to get everything right. What is the name of the house kat aka christina ricci moves into in the 95 movie casper. Take empires ultimate quiz and prove your knowledge on the ultimate movie decade. As if snitching against his mob family wasnt risky. You lot are brilliant at 90s trivia, as shown in joes past quizzes on 90s movie scenes, and british kids tv shows. Here we will present you movie trivia question and answers.

Apr 24, 2019 its been over 20 years since the 90s began, but we cant seem to let go yet. Movie trivia of the 90s, trivia about your favorite movies. The biggest and toughest 90s film quiz ever metro news. May 19, 2016 take empires ultimate quiz and prove your knowledge on the ultimate movie decade. Movies of the 2000s trivia questions proprofs quiz. Find out whether your favorite flicks are part of the most popular movies in this 30 question quiz, and test your movie trivia of the decade that. Mulan, beauty and the beast, the lion king, toy storythe list of smash hits goes on. Win the super awesome great job prize by getting a perfect score in the 1990s trivia game. Get ready to feel some serious nostalgia and travel back in time to one of the best disney decades ever. The iconic film was the top grossing film in the u. The 90s represented a renaissance for disney, with a celebrated new feature released once a year through the end of the decade. Its a trivia quiz that wont be easy to beat but were. And when it come to movies most of us really love the movies so why not a movie trivia question and answer sessions.

What movie features sharon stone in outfits designed to match kim novaks from vertigo. May 07, 2017 i do not own the rights to the clips or music. If yes, then take this quiz right now and score a 100. Mulan is one of two disney princesses that are left handed. Today, we are going to bring the 90s back and see which people out there are able to ace this 90s movie trivia quiz. Its a trivia quiz that wont be easy to beat but were sure there must be movie buffs out there who will ace it. Only 90s disney kids will remember everything on this quiz. Now heres this 40question whopper to test just how good your knowledge of. The song was put back in the film after elton john saw an early cut.

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