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Hyogos most popular tourist destination is the himeji castle. On april 1, 2005, the city of nishinomiya celebrated its 80th anniversary. We send sightseeing information such as kobe, himeji. Hyogo international plaza provides internet service and houses a library with nearly 20,000 books from both japan and the world, including all sorts of reading material such as newspapers, magazines, travel guidebooks from around the globe, newly released books, language textbooks, and japanese teaching materials. The following list sorts all cities including towns and villages in the japanese. Kobe university of commerce, kobe shoka daigaku, himeji institute of technology, himeji kogyo daigaku and the college of nursing art and science, hyogo, hyogo kenritsu. One of japans first international ports, significant foreign influences made kobe, hyogo prefectures, hyogoken capital, a city not like many others in japan it has a chinatown, while many westernstyle residences of foreigners during the meiji period are still preserved in the kitano district. Get answers to your questions about hyogo prefecture. Nishinomiya, nishinomiyashi is a city located in hyogo prefecture, japan, between the cities of amagasaki and ashiya. Japans castle keeps japans castles are all about keeps. Kobe airport has the flights from haneda tokyo, shinchitose sapporo, naha and a few cities. Ako city is famous for its connections with the classic story of the fortyseven ronin.

Our aims are to promote understanding and exchange between western australia and hyogo in education, culture and business. A mayor in hyogo prefecture who told a reporter ill kill you when he was approached after a new year ceremony said friday he is prepared to apologize. The south facade of the hyogo prefectural museum of art. Members who are extremely knowledgeable about this destination and answer travellers questions frequently.

The highlights of the model of the himeji castle keep. About the centre hyogo prefectural government cultural. Himeji city museum of literature 84 yamanoicho himejishi, hyogo prefecture 670 japan. Himeji castle illustration ancient history encyclopedia. The castle was never destroyed and still stands beautifully in. The hyogo prefectural museum of history in himeji has exhibits on the history and culture of hyogo prefecture in a modern building. Hyogo prefecture, hyogoken is a prefecture of japan located in the kansai region of. In order to prevent the spread of covid19 infections. From february to july, 1995, the loan system provided lowinterest financing for businesses. Ask a question hyogo prefecture destination experts. Official document,historical materialsbook of aichi prefectural archives, aichi. Attractions near hyogo prefectural museum of history. Olympia leaders of washington state and japans hyogo prefecture marked the oldest sisterstate relationship in either country monday by making speeches, planting a tree and feasting. Hyogo tourism guidethe official hyogo websitekobe himeji.

Okayama prefecture, okayamaken is a prefecture of japan located in the chugoku region of honshu. Hyogo prefecture is located almost in the centre of the japanese archipelago, and straddles the 5th meridian which is used to define japanese standard time zone. About hyogo hyogo prefectural government cultural centre. Himeji city museum of literature hyogo japan by tadao ando. The most interesting historical places in hyogo prefecture plan your next trip here. It is located on the southern side of the main island of honshu, on the north shore of osaka bay and about 30 km 19 mi west of osaka. Hyogo prefectural museum of history himeji 2020 all. Hyogo prefectural museum of history japanvisitor japan travel. Hyogo is a prefecture found in the nation of japan. Hyogo gained its current status as a prefecture in the year 1868.

Hyogo prefecture has a population of 5,469,762 1 june 2019 and has a geographic area of 8,400 km. Tajima airport is located near toyooka city at the north part of the prefecture, and has a flight from itami osaka. Media in category history of hyogo prefecture the following 12 files are in this category, out of 12 total. Interest from outside miyagi prefecture in breeding with shigeshigenami only seems to grow with each passing. In 1995, kobe was devastated by the great hanshinawaji earthquake. The government of hyogo is lead by toshizo idoand is based in the prefecture capital of kobe population. Hyogo prefecture also has a spectacular hinterland filled with mountains, hills, fields, and pastures that are every bit as important as its air and sea ports. Coronavirus patients in osaka and hyogo expected to hit. Hyogo prefectural international high school was established in 2003, emphasizing english studies, and was registered as a super english language high school selhi by the countrys ministry of education, culture, sports, science and technology, and given a 3yearlong governmental financial and professional assistance for enhancement of. Hyogo prefectural museum of art kobe, hyogo japan travel. Hyogo prefecture forum, travel discussion for hyogo. In 1983, progeny of shigeshigenami won first and second place in the steers category at a national dressedcarcass competition in tokyo. As of 1975, the population was 5 million, of which approximately 90 percent was urban. This site is official site multiple languages version of hyogo tourism association of hyogo in japan.

Hyogo is bounded by the sea of japan to the north and by the inland sea to the south. Princess senhime becomes bride of toyotomi hideyori. The prefecture has an area of 8,300 sq km, including the island of awaji. The university of hyogo uh was established in april 2004 by integrating three universities which were run by hyogo prefecture government. Hyogo prefecture created the special post of japans first superintendent of emergency management.

The hyogo prefectural museum of art, as well as its predecessor the hyogo prefectural museum of modern art, has collected a large number of artworks through purchase and donation. The hyogo prefectural museum of history opened in april 1983 at the northeast corner of a special historic site in the former himeji castle compound. It is best known as the home of koshien stadium, where the hanshin tigers baseball team plays home games and where japans annual high school baseball championship is held. Its largest city and prefectural capital is kobe, its most famous tourist attraction is himeji castle, and. Hyogo prefectural museum of history himeji 2020 all you need. Currently, the museum owns approximately 9,000 works, which form the basis of the museums various activities. Hyogo prefectural government cultural centre was established in 1992 by the hyogo prefectural government to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the sister state relationship between western australia and hyogo prefecture. Osaka the combined number of patients of the novel coronavirus in the two neighboring western prefectures of osaka and hyogo is expected to reach 3,374, including 227 in serious conditions. Japan 100 hidden towns is a travel guidebook to japan offthebeatentrack the lesser known towns, where quiet, bucolic ways of life, and proudly maintained local history and traditions can be found.

National archives of japan digital archivecrossfile search. Home to 5,550,742 people, it is the 8th largest division in japan in terms of population. Hyogo prefecture is located in west central japan with both inland sea and sea of japan coastlines with. Hyogo guide things to do in hyogo prefecture japan travel.

Hyogo beef, which is produced from cattle raised inland, is regarded as some of the. It was created to address the financial needs of quakehit local smes. Shigeshigenami was born in 1972 in hyogo prefecture but was sold to miyagi prefecture in 1974. Its purpose was to deepen our understanding of local history and promote education, study, and culture, the museum contributes to education and the study of local history. Hyogo prefecture tourism hyogo prefecture hotels hyogo prefecture bed and breakfast hyogo prefecture holiday rentals hyogo prefecture packages flights to hyogo prefecture hyogo prefecture restaurants hyogo prefecture.

Okayama prefecture borders tottori prefecture to the north, hyogo prefecture to the east, and hiroshima prefecture to the west. Its largest city and prefectural capital is kobe, its most famous tourist attraction is himeji castle, and its best known hot spring resorts are arima and kinosaki. The superintendent serves as the chief officer who assists the governor with the prefectures crisis management following the 1995 earthquake. During the 5 month period of lending, hyogo prefecture and kobe city. Hyogo is the only prefecture, excluding aomori and yamaguchi on both ends of honshu island, that faces both the pacific ocean to the south and the japan sea to the north. Following the disaster, the hyogo prefectural museum of art opened in 2002, as a start to cultural reconstruction of the area the museum, surrounded by water and greenery, was designed by the worldrenowned architect, tadao ando.

Hyogo prefecture is located in the kansai region and its capital kobe is one of japans ten largest cities. The castle is considered by many to be japans finest castle. Kobe, himeji castle hyogo prefecture travel information. Tokugawa ieyasu unifies japan as seii taishogun lit. Includes professional development oppportunties, language teaching workshops, educational materials exhibitions, and conferences. Sorry, there are no tours or activities available to book online for the dates you selected. Hyogo prefecture, hyogoken is a prefecture of japan located in the kansai region of honshu. Arima onsen is one of japans oldest hot springs, while the view from mount. Media in category hyogo prefectural museum of history the following 6 files are in this category, out of 6 total.

Hyogo is bounded by the sea of japan east sea to the north and the inland sea to the south and includes awaji island, the largest island of the inland sea. List of cities in hyogo prefecture by population wikipedia. The following list sorts all cities including towns and villages in the japanese prefecture of hyogo with a population of more than 10,000 according to the 2015 census. Find anime, music, castles, food, restaurants, videos, shopping, travel tips and more. As of october 1, 2015, 40 places fulfill this criterion and are listed here. Notice of temporary closure covid19 infection control. The occurrence of stannoidites from the xenothermal ore deposits of the akenobe, ikuno, and tada mines, hyogo prefecfure, and the fukoku mine, kyoto prefecture, japan. Presentday hyogo prefecture includes the former provinces of harima, tajima, awaji, and parts of tamba and. All about hyogo all about japan and japanese stuff.

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