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And why the user of such methods can nevertheless occasionally be successful. Scouting was founded in moldova in 19, a founding member of wosm as part of romania in 1922, until scouting was banned. I learnt graecoroman, free style and later, persian wrestling. The third form of wing chun kung fu, biu jee, is composed of extreme shortrange and extreme longrange techniques, low kicks and sweeps, and emergency techniques to counterattack when structure and centerline have been seriously compromised, such as when the practitioner is seriously injured. Kernspecht strategy, tactics, physiology, psychology, philosophy and history of unarmed selfdefense contents book on single combat the weaknesses of the traditional styles. Kernspecht, now 70, is the person most responsible for the widespread success of wing tsun throughout europe. There are also, appropriate impromptu or free hand fighting situations demonstrated by grand master kernspecht and his students. Gm keith r kernspecht vs gm giuseppe schembri lounes kais. It deals with the uncontrolled type struggle, which occurs daily and 100,000 times a year with numerous injuries and deaths. Master keith kernspecht is one of the leading teachers of wing chun worldwide. My uncle was a wrestler and so my first martial art was wrestling the oldest fighting art in human history. Kernspecht and his team of high ranked wingtsunmasters present the first two sets of the wooden dummy form, the clas. Wing tsun kuen leung, ting and kernspecht, keith r. The coeducational organizatia nationala a scoutilor din moldova has 2,430 members as of 2011.

Free standing dummies are ideal for people that want a portable dummy or have a small area to install a dummy. Wing chun chi sao against grappling takedowns by sifu keith r kernspecht. Everything wing chun books, videos, dvds, wooden dummy. Books in pdf download wing tsun leung ting kung fu by keith r. Today, keith r kernspecht is the highestgraduated wtmaster in the world after his teacher leung ting, the german national instructor and wt chief instructor for the remaining western world. Wing tsun kung fu vancouver, complete selfdefense for real people.

The new, extended coursebook in the luxury edition of his latest publication, coursebook. I came across this letter posted by grandmaster keith kernspecht, head of the european wingtsun organization ewto, and thought i would share it with you. Kernspecht now published a newlyconceived technical programme in a separate book of more than 180 pages. This text expresses the views and understanding of alexander olich, ewto chief national instructor for cyprus and direct student to grandmaster keith r. Even at school, brawling and reading as yet not widely known literature about the asian martial. Because he wanted to utilise the findings in on single combat in proposing solutions to an attack situation which is still more or less ignored in martial arts circles. Since 1976 the ewto stands for quality tuition for students and instructors the ewto has, and continues to accomplish three main tasks since its formation 1976 in kiel, germany. First time in history the ewto publish an official dvd of the 1st and the 2nd section of the wooden dummy and its applications. Kernspecht, 1998, wu shu verlag kernspecht edition, in english 3rd ed.

The organizatia nationala a scoutilor din moldova, the national scouting organization of moldova, became a member of the world organization of the scout movement in 1997. Bert transcribed book pdf zafarnama in punjabi pdf free download warcross book pdf uni en 81 80 pdf download keith r kernspecht pdf download. Never before have i found a book that deals so in depth with the subject of fighting, self defence, psychology and the physiological effects of confrontation and combat. He has introduced the wing tsun system to more than 53 countries.

Kg based in kiel, germany kernspecht started his combat sports training with wrestling and worked as a. Blitzdefence your strategy against thugs is the 12th specialist book written andor published by grandmaster keith r kernspecht student off great grandmaster leung ting will stop its subject matter is much neglected type of combat which occurs everywhere many thousands of time each year. Kernspecht, 10th degree wt, 4th degree escrima widgets pure science. Review keith r kernspecht the myth of the wooden dummy. Grandmaster keith kernspecht, early childhood educators, children sociologists, ergo therapists, pediatricians and police officers what resulted was an impressive teaching concept for students aged 5 to 14 which was spread across the entire ewto. Kernspecht founder and head of the ewto, the father of wingtsun in europe academic study and martial arts keith r. Kernspecht and a great selection of similar new, used and collectible books available now at great prices. So what else, is needed in ones training to achieve the kind of excellent skill provided in this video. Kernspecht of the european wing tsun organisation ewto was the only one who answered me. Since 1976, his european wing tsun organisation ewto catapulted leung tings wing tsun to levels never before seen in chinese martial arts. He has very insightful thoughts that may help us all to improve our unique skill sets and understanding. Gm keith r kernspecht vs gm giuseppe schembri youtube.

Obviously, the question should be, what is it that grandmaster keith r kernspecht, is able to provide for his students, that. Leung ting is the founder and president of the international wingtsun association. Born in hong kong in 1947, he was an original student of leung sheung, and later became the last closed door student of ip man. Wing tsun kung fu vancouver, complete selfdefense for. Pdf on jan 21, 2019, swen koerner and others published the creation of wing tsun a german case study find, read and cite all the research you need on researchgate. Kernspecht strategy, tactics, physiology, psychology, philosophy and history of unarmed selfdefense foreword book on single combat by geoff thompson. Kernspecht training camp in denmark 1993 wing tsun continuation after takedown wing tsun application fight applications takedown welcome to the photo album of wing tsun kung fu vancouver, the first canadian wing tsun branch, established in. Kernspecht discovered his passion for the martial arts and physical development at an early age. It was a great lesson, i learnt so many new things and enjoyed the experience. A diverse selection of reading for the wing chun collector. Everything wing chun ving tsun, wing tsun carries the largest selection of wing chun kung fu products in the world.

Kernspecht keith ronald blitzdefence free download as pdf file. Keith r kernspecht blitz defence blitzdefence attack is the best defense is the twelfth textbook authored by keith r. Free downloads popular books temperament and development pdf. Having written to different martial arts organisations in west germany, sifu keith r. Get your kindle here, or download a free kindle reading app. Could you briefly summarise again why competitions and sparring are not adequate preparation for a reallife threat on the street or in the disco. Inner wingtsun, grandmaster kernspecht points the way to a. The most famous disciple of leung ting, sifu kernspecht is arguably also the most successful martial arts businessman. Leung chose the spelling of wing tsun to differentiate his teachings from those of other wing chun schools, and to keep them from passing off their style as his own.

Sifu leo czech, a former professional boxer, visited from west germany, entering the east disguised as a tourist. Free pdf chetan bhagat books free download 1848 moving west book 2 pdf pdb by natalie conrow. Could you briefly summarise again why competitions and sparring are not adequate preparation for. I prefer to rely on myself and to accept the whole responsibility for victory or defeat. Wing chun against grappling sifu keith r kernspecht. Kernspecht and his team of highranked wing tsun masters present the first two sets of the wooden. Grandmaster kernspecht owns me thank you grandmaster for accepting my wish to cross hands with me. You can read these on mac or pc desktop computer, plus. Kernspecht and explore their bibliography from s keith r. Kernspecht about ewto wingtsun and its differences to other martial arts as well as the more traditional forms of wing chun, ving tsun, wing tsun and any other form of its writing. Kernspecht keith ronald blitzdefence self defense chinese. Pdf on jan 21, 2019, swen koerner and others published the creation of wing tsun.

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